Welcome to the website of Dr. & Mrs. Hung Hin Shiu Museum of Chinese Medicine at Hong Kong Baptist University.


      To introduce to the local and international community the profound, long standing and well established history of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the historical development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.


      Being an educational and academic endeavour, the Museum aims at fostering a comprehensive and correct understanding of traditional Chinese medicine among the community at large through the following means:
  • To reveal the close relationship between Chinese medicine and the daily life of Hong Kong people through collecting, conserving, processing and displaying ancient artifacts related to Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.

  • To encourage learning, community support and involvement through a varied and balanced programme of exhibitions, educational activities and publications.

  • To enrich the variety of exhibits of the Museum so as to create value for the Hong Kong society through sponsorship, joint presentations, close liaison and collaboration with local and overseas museums, collectors and the CM industry.

  • To take up the leading role in promoting the development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.

Introduction of the Museum

      The Museum is divided into several theme-zones, namely:
  1. Orientation Zone

  2. Chinese Medicine in the Past Dynasties

  3. Chinese Medicine from the Recent Past to Modern Age

  4. Cultural Corridor of Chinese Medicine

  5. Zone of Interactive Games

  6. Conference Room

  7. HKBU Bank of China (Hong Kong) Chinese Medicines Centre